Organic mix greens with tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers olives, banana peppers

Your Health Is Important To Us!

I know you heard it all! "You need to eat healthier, you need to exercise, you need to go on a diet." I am going to add to it, "I owe it to myself, my family, and to my community to do everything in my power to live a healthy lifestyle!"

What does that mean?

1. Living a healthy lifestyle means you're taking charge of your life and what you allow to enter into your life from people to intake of food and or drinks.
2. People can destroy your mental state just by being negative. Negativity within oneself can lead to unhealthy eating and or drinking.
3. Eating healthy foods and drinking healthy liquids is very important to living a healthy life, and healthy foods are a gift from our Creator!

We at Springreeens work diligently to make sure we do our part by eating healthy meals and by serving healthy meals. As for the people you allow in your space it is a choice and if you're a negative person then dig deep within to find out why or what causes you to be negative. Most time negative people hang around negative people.

We want the best for ourselves and we want the best for you! Judge us by our actions!

Thank you for your support
Jamella, Owner