Springreens Newsletter/Updates/Event Customer of the Month

True To my Religion~May God Continue To Bless Our Good Intentions and Our Efforts~

Why Springreens? In every area of the business, we do CARE, from cleanliness, customer service, and healthy food, from fresh vegetables, and wild-caught seafood to Halal Meast (lawful meats that are slaughtered properly, not filled with hormones, and are blessed with God's name over it). We pray that we can continue to live up to your expectations and show that we do CARE.  We constantly asking God to send us the right staff personnel to serve our community at large and we pray that God sends good customers who care about our establishment as well.  Thank you for your support!   Visit  Springreens.com

Supporting Our Staff Member:  Congratulations to Salahuddin and Inshirah (husband and wife duo) owners of Block Ink Productions. Get your tickets now for the Stage Play "TRUE TO MY RELIGION"CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE   We want the best for all our talented staff personnel, some are artists, authors, and rappers and we at Springreens know how hard to make ends meet in business. We're here to help our staff help themselves while building and fulfilling their passion while working for us. Our restaurant is a career for the Chefs and Sous Chefs who went to culinary art school to become a chef, we open the doors for our chefs to allow them to put into action what they learned from culinary art school. We are grateful to God for blessing Springreens owners to be that blessing in the community.  Your support of this upcoming play >>> check out the trailer>>>click on>>> "TRUE TO MY RELIGION" helps our young talented artist in their endeavors. Thank you!  

Customer of The Month

Congratulations to our Customer of the Month Bilal H.  Thank you for your continued support since 2019. Enjoy your 1 free meal and 10 percent off for 30 days.

Lost and Found

Please check out items that were left in the restaurant, we have hats, children's coats, books, keys, and much more. please claim these items they will be given to Good Will if not claimed by May 30th.  Asked for Sister Khadijah she will assist you in retrieving these items.